Just Another Susan.

Hello, and welcome. I am Leya, and this is my blog. It is unlikely you have run into this page(I shared the link only to a select few) by chance. Hence, I am assuming we have met. In case the universe is playing games(like it sometimes does), and you, dear stranger, find yourself here, do read on.

I am an ordinary person, and I have nothing extra-ordinary to offer you. Many have walked the planet before me gifting the world with prolific ideas, and many have gone believing they have made no significant impact. But,<insert drum roll> the redeeming butterfly effect. If the flapping of a butterfly’s wing can cause a hurricane, why can’t I? So, here I am, creating my hurricane.

This is my first blog ever. I hope you like it. I promise I’ll put up more fun pieces. If you’d like to read more of my work, subscribe. Don’t forget to celebrate life.

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